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Kitson Co-Founder Michael Tabor Featured By YATCO


YATCO, the world’s most trusted industry resource and yacht listing service, recently highlighted Kitson Yachts Co-Founder Michael Tabor in its latest series, “Next Generation of Yachting.” The series interviews “several different faces of the industry to discover what they have to offer and what they predict for the future of yachting.”

Here at Kitson, we’re always looking ahead to the future of the industry; listening, adapting, and delivering exceptional results for our customers. In this exclusive interview, Tabor shares insights into his own career, yachting trends, challenges, and more. 


The interview begins with a glimpse into how his illustrious career in yachting began. “My family has been building and selling yachts for three generations,” Tabor shares. It began with his grandfather who then passed it on to his uncle Rob. It was Rob who showed him the ropes, kickstarting his career and igniting a love of advising clients on their yacht purchases.



In regards to the latest industry trends, Tabor says that “clients are planning ahead,” and “despite longer lead times, owners are committing to yachting in a very real and long-term fashion.” With an excess of superyachts being built, he predicts a shortage in maritime professionals in the near future.

“I feel there is a high degree of importance that should be placed on supporting crew training and maritime crew recruitment,” says Tabor. “A good crew is the single most influential variable to a successful yacht program.”



The interview continued with our co-founder describing how Kitson overcomes challenges with inventory, mentioning that COVID-related travel restrictions have seriously tipped the scales of supply and demand.

However, he has found that “this industry is based on relationships within the professional community and the flow of information is largely regulated by one’s network.” Tabor’s relationships and trust built within his network have allowed Kitson to be successful in identifying off-market opportunities for its clients.



Tabor also shares that his co-founding of Kitson Yachts is “a high point in [his] career.” He goes on to describe how this company and role give him the opportunity to “mold a client’s experience and deliver the highest service.” That experience is just part of the intentional approach that Tabor, and Kitson Yachts, provides to clients.

I will do my part to deliver a bespoke, confidential, and client-centric experience for years to come,” concludes Tabor. “Yachting holds a special strand in the fabric of society, and I plan to continue to do my part in keeping it that way.”



Thank you to the team at YATCO for exploring all that Michael Tabor and Kitson has to offer the yacht industry. Discover more information about us and get to know the team and mission of Kitson Yachts.


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